About the Author

My name is Candy Jones and I am the author of Sausage Dog Days. I am a former primary school teacher and dachshund obsessive! I have had dachshunds all my life and at the moment I have two: Bonnie and Bella. 


Candy Jones 

I've written Sausage Dog Days, an exciting and beautifully illustrated children's picture book, to raise funds and awareness for charities supporting dachshunds who suffer from intervertebral disc disease or IVDD. This disease causes the discs between the vertebrae of the spine to fail and is the most common health problem in dachshunds: around 1 in 4 may be afflicted at some stage in their lives. Sausage dogs are genetically prone to this terrible condition because of their short legs compared to their body size.

Bonnie has twice been a victim of IVDD, and both times needed an operation to help her recover. Luckily we have lifetime insurance cover, because her last operation cost over £6,000. After both operations, which were 2 years apart, Bonnie made a very brave recovery. She is able to walk and run, albeit in a rather wobbly way as she has limited use of her back legs; she has also been left incontinent. 

Dealing with this trauma was devastating; we felt very alone, as we had not heard of IVDD before. It was only through a search on Facebook that we happened upon Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD and The Dachshund Breed Council, which helped us so much at such a difficult time. I can never thank these two charities enough for the support they have so freely given. We have been loaned a stroller, which enables Bonnie to enjoy her walks just as she used to, especially since she gets very tired.


Bonnie in stroller

Bonnie enjoying the stroller life!


As far as Bonnie herself is concerned, nothing stops her from enjoying her life to the full and she is still exactly the same happy sausage she has always been!

I hope that Sausage Dog Days might also be a useful book for parents, carers and teachers. As a teacher myself, I know how young children love to read stories about animals and relate to their adventures. When I was teaching, I was aware of how few picture books depict differently abled children. I hope that Sausage Dog Days will give children the chance to consider and talk about what life would be like using a wheelchair.


About the Illustrator


I am so lucky to have found Sarah-Leigh Wills, a hugely talented and multi award-winning illustrator of children’s books. She has produced stunning artwork for Sausage Dog Days and brought Herby and Weenie to life beautifully! You can find examples of Sarah's wonderful work by visiting her website Happy Designer https://www.happydesigner.co.uk


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