Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD

Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD grew from Sausage Dog Walks South Wales, a group started by Charlotte Baldwin three years ago, originally to allow dachshund owners to meet up, raise money and increase awareness about IVDD. So far she and her team of helpers have raised enough money to buy and lend strollers to 265 dogs as well as providing 32 sets of wheels – a fantastic achievement in such a short space of time! They also provide Gingerleads to help support dachshunds with a spinal injury, pens to keep them safe, as well as boots, pants, and belly bands for incontinent dogs. All this equipment is lent freely with no charge for as long as it is required. Amazing!

The Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD Facebook page is a wonderful and supportive group whose members are so helpful and reassuring for dog owners dealing with the shock of an IVDD diagnosis for their beloved pet.


A message from Charlotte Baldwin of Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD:

Walking our dachshunds Barney and Rosie and enjoying the outdoors together has always been so very important to us. It soon became apparent that not everyone could join in the walks that I host through my Sausage Dog Walks South Wales Facebook page.

And that’s when I became ‘Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD,’ organising walks, raffles and events, raising money to loan strollers to families nursing dachshunds through IVDD – enabling them to continue enjoying what we all take for granted.

Across the UK, D2D with IVDD is transforming the lives of dachshunds recovering or disabled by IVDD and any other ailments. We offer free of charge strollers, wheels4dogs, pens, gingerleads, belly bands, booties and pants.

We are dedicated to providing these aids, with the amazing commitment of the Dachshund Angels and the dachshund community. I am truly grateful and couldn’t do it without this incredible support.

These disability aids are so important to maintain dachshunds’ emotional and physical wellbeing and are a huge boost to the dogs and their families.

We also provide advice, support and guidance to those who come to us. We are committed to raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of IVDD and stressing the importance of lifetime insurance when you own a dachshund.

A huge thank you to Candy for her support by writing this beautiful book which has so far raised £1,800 for dachshund charities.

There is life after IVDD and a life worth living, especially with the support of ‘Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD’ – We’ve got your back!


How Dedicated to Dachsunds with IVDD supports sausages:

 Dedicated to dachshunds with IVDD, is all about supporting and transforming the lives of IVDD dachshunds and their families. To give you an idea about what that support means to the families of IVDD sausages read some testimonials taken from the Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD Facebook page. Please enjoy seeing photos of these IVDD warriors and hearing how they have been helped by Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD.


 "Little Schlooby after his 2nd IVDD surgery last year... don't know what we'd of done without the ;loan of his stroller and the little booties to stop him scuffing his feet! He was so much happier being able to get out and about instead of being stuck in his crate, this group made a stressful time a lot easier."


"Kleine loves her stroller"



"The fantastic stroller and belly bands have become an essential part of our lives since Jack's surgery following a Grade 5 episode in February. We couldn't manage without them. Many, many uses, Jack's favourites are finally getting close to the Sunday roast carving, sitting with his girlfriend and visiting the woods. "



"Stanley loves his booties and wheels from Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD, gives him so much independence."


"Alfie uses his racing car for pit stops on walks, thanks so much it makes all our life's easier and a bit more normal."



"Our little choc and tan went down with grade 4 IVDD, Feb '19 and loved being able to join in the NWDO 6th Birthday walk thanks to the stroller. Our 11 year old also took advantage of it."

"Reggie on his first outing in his stroller. Thank you so much."


"Coco off in her chariot."


"Dudley in his stroller. Enabling him to still be a part of family walks."


"Giggsy in his stroller. This has been invaluable to us."


"Bruno with his belly band"


 Ernie, Herby's inspiration rocking his commando print belly band and booties!