Here are a few reviews of Sausage Dog Days. Please let me know what you think about the story - send me a photo of you and your dogs enjoying Sausage Dog Days and I will add it to this Reviews page.


Bonnie and Bella's bedtime story   

 Bonnie and Bella enjoying their bedtime story!


Reviews of Sausage Dog Days

"Thank you so much for making this wonderful book, Sausage Dog Days. This is such a beautiful and important project for all dachshund owners from all over the world. We're both honoured and delighted to join this project from Japan, where dachshunds have remained one of the top 3 most popular breeds over the last few decades.

"We love the cute story that both children and adult dachshund fans can enjoy! The beautiful illustrations by Sarah Leigh-Wills, especially of little Herby, reminded us of our late dachshund boy who used to run around on wheels just like him. Thank you again for this wonderful book!" 

From Yuki, Veterinary Surgeon, Japan


Tanpopo helping Herby and Weenie search for squirrels!


"We would like to write a thank you for Sausage Dog Days. Reading the story, we were so touched as our dachshund Alfie suffered from IVDD twice in his eight years of life. He ended up on wheels for his last two years and was very happy in them. 

"This story is so good for bringing awareness to young children. My granddaughter loves Sausage Dog Days and asks me to read it to her over and over again! 

"Thank you for this lovely illustration of IVDD in a book!" 

From Michelle & Michael, dog boarders, UK

Alfie exploring with his wheels!


"Good story, easy to follow with great pictures; good language build-up for youngsters; positive message about disability" 

From Mary, dog walker, UK



 "I read Sausage Dog Days to my two-year-old grandson Chase and he loved it. He figured out the squirrels' secret hiding place right away and got very excited when he discovered them there! I'd already read it to my other grandsons, ages two and four. They have a Norwich Terrier who goes crazy chasing squirrels in their back yard. My grandsons had me read the story every night."

From Mary, children's author, USA

Chase concentrating on spotting squirrels!