The Story Behind Sausage Dog Days

Dachshund with glass of bubbly and charity cheque.
Bonnie celebrating with a glass of pawsecco!


In June 2018, I organised a successful crowdfunder project to publish Sausage Dog Days, an exciting and beautifully illustrated children's picture book, to raise funds and awareness for charities supporting dachshunds who suffer from intervertebral disc disease or IVDD.

The crowdfunding project for Sausage Dog Days resulted in a wonderful storybook, and the incredible donation of £1,800 to The Dachshund Breed Council and Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD. These charities fund research and offer support for dogs suffering from IVDD.


About the Book:

Sausage Dog Days is a children’s picture book about 2 dachshunds called Herby and Weenie going for a walk in the woods and, like dachshunds everywhere, chasing squirrels. Herby, an IVDD survivor, happily gets around with the aid of a set of wheels, but this doesn’t stop him and Weenie having a fabulous time charging through the woods. Herby is based on an inspirational real-life dachshund called Ernie. His friend Weenie is based on dachshunds everywhere, a dog whose enthusiasm knows no bounds!

Copies of Sausage Dog Days have found their way across the world from the UK as far as Japan, the United States, Australia and Canada! The feedback that I have been sent has been really lovely and extremely encouraging!

One of the questions that I get asked the most is what else do my 2 heroes Herby and Weenie get up to in their Sausage Dog Days? In order to answer that question I am planning a sequel to Sausage Dog Days – the adventure continues! Since there are cost implications in using a crowdfunding platform I have decided to sell copies of Sausage Dog Days directly from this website in order to fund the costs of illustration and printing the sequel. Paperback copies of Sausage Dog Days are now available for £10, with 20% after costs being donated to Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD and The Dachshund Breed Council.

I hope that Sausage Dog Days will help to spread awareness about IVDD and alert dachshund owners to the challenges they could face with their beloved pets. This is especially vital, given the growing popularity of this breed. In the back of Sausage Dog Days, there is a message from Charlotte Baldwin about how Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD can offer help and support. There is also a message from Ian Seath, the Chairman of The Dachshund Breed Council, about lifestyle advice for your dachshund and their back-screening programme.